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The Entryway is Complete

November 7, 2023

In this episode of Revealed, I take you back to the jobsite, where we’ll admire the completed entryway. Check out the custom curved molding, pilasters, corbels, and new lights.    


We had to remove the old entryway—it was beyond saving. We brought back to the shop some of the curved molding pieces to measure and recreate them. Then it was demo time—the guys removed the old structure revealing the bricks beneath. We then cleaned up the bricks, insulated any gaps from the existing structure, and fined-tuned everything behind the facade to complete the prep work. When we removed the old corbels, we found insect damage and significant rot. By using exterior grade MDF and Sapele—prized for its exceptional rot resistance—this entryway is going to look fabulous for years to come.  


The first to be installed was the newly crafted pilasters. The guys had to scribe in several locations, including the baseboard to the threshold at a slight angle to repel any water. They also had to scribe along the edge to the bricks all the way up. The jamb side was a straight butt joint. There were 2x4s in between the bricks, so we could screw directly to those making it super secure. All the screw holes were plugged and you’ll never see them once painted. And we took the time to prime, not just the side you’ll see, but the backside as well, to give an extra layer of protection to all aspects of the entryway.


The old single light above the door was removed, and two new lights were added on either side of the pilasters. This involved cutting into the brick new electrical boxes, running to the existing wires and switch above, and adding a junction box behind one of the corbels. To satisfy code, we need access to that junction box, so the corbel is removable.

The curved molding was installed next. And the archway will get a copper roof to match the copper gutters on the house. Once the weather warms up, the painters will return for the final coat. And this entryway project is done!

—Ken DeCost

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