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Crown Molding Miters and Sawdust

November 7, 2023

In this episode of Revealed, I take you on a tour of the shop and check out what we’re currently working on. And I’ll share some tips on how to protect your crown molding and miters and what to do with accumulating sawdust. Let’s jump right in!  


The team has been busy working on assembling a kitchen that will find its forever home in our Beacon Hill project. And it’s all about attention to detail! To the extent possible, we are preassembling the crown molding that will be used in the custom cabinetry on this job. And this includes all of the miters for the crown, which ensures a uniform finish over everything. The corners will be completely finished prior to installing, which should alleviate any issues with the paint chipping or mistakes being made when cutting that miter. Because these corners will be handled repeatedly in the shop and then sent to the finisher, we add bracing to support that miter rather than relying solely on the joint to hold it and keep it from snapping.



One of the top questions we get asked at Materia is: What do we do with all of the sawdust we generate in the shop?

For example, this week we’ve accumulated five huge bags of sawdust—a mixture of walnut and maple. Our solution? We donate it to a local farm. Sometimes we separate the dust according to which type it is. Some animals might be allergic to one type (e.g., black walnut shavings are a toxic bedding for horses), but it might be safe for other kinds of animals. Be sure to let the farmer or recipient of the sawdust donation know exactly what kind of wood it is. Recycling your sawdust for another appropriate use is a great option to solving the sawdust dilemma.

It’s time to discover what Materia can intentionally craft for you! Contact us today to get started on your custom dream home. Together, we can make it happen.

—Ken DeCost

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